Every company in this world needs brand identity design! If you look around you, there are logos everywhere: from the moment you wake up and wash your teeth you have the tooth paste logo, the floss logo, the coffee maker logo, the fridge logo and so on. So why is branding important? Did it ever happen to you to buy something based on your perceived value of that product rather than its actual value? It’s all about the right branding and how to create the perceived value we want for a product.
If you see a logo time and time again and you remember it, you recognize it, you associate it with the company, that means that you are starting to grow trust on that product and you might even go and buy it, over and over again. It’s like adding a face to a name – that’s what logos do: they help you remember your experience with a company.
Brand How to Create a Timeless Logo Design for Your Client



Let’s start with a question. What is more likely for you: to remember a simple logo design or a complex one, with many elements? You might say that a more complex design is more special, creative but the truth is that even the simplest logo design can be creative.
Why less is better? Because you have to think practical. Simplicity is the key word in logo design because it helps it to be more versatile. You can use it more easily on all sort of media such as business cards, pin badges, billboards or even as a favicon. A simple logo is also much easier to remember and recognize, achieving a timeless quality.
edge board How to Create a Timeless Logo Design for Your Client


I think it’s common sense that your logo design must be relevant to the industry, the client and the audience to which you are aiming. You can’t design a summer flower as a logo for a ski shop or a snowflake for a summer-holiday travels TV channel. To achieve relevance, you need to do your research on your client and the business.
Don’t get it wrong though, the logo you are designing doesn’t have to literally reveal what the company is about. Just think about the BMW logo – it isn’t a car.
newwave How to Create a Timeless Logo Design for Your Client


When creating a logo and brand identity, you must leave trends to the fashion industry. You want to create a timeless logo design for your client and trends come and go like the wind. While you are doing your research on the company, try to find out which are the values, the symbols that best represent that business. Try to incorporate one such element in the design if it’s possible.
fashion law institute How to Create a Timeless Logo Design for Your Client


This is the tough part. How do you make a distinctive logo, one that you can easily separate from all that competition? A distinctive logo is characterized by unique style or quality which best portrays the company’s business perspective. The way to do it is to concentrate on a design that is recognizable. Think in shapes, work in black and white  – the contrast will help you emphasize the idea.
talkmore m How to Create a Timeless Logo Design for Your Client


A timeless logo design is one that viewers will remember after just one glance. Just imagine that the logo will be on a poster in a subway station, on a bus, in the window of a shop – it only gets a quick look, that’s all the time your logo has to make an impression.
Think about the logos that you remember the most. Put down on paper what are the characteristics that made them ingrained in your memory.  It also helps to downsize the time you spend on drawing/sketching the idea  – if you spend 30 minutes on drawing for it, how to you expect viewers to remember it in just a quick glance?
waterdrop How to Create a Timeless Logo Design for Your Client


Think about the use of that logo. It may be used on billboards, but it also may be used on smaller things, such as clothing labels, zipper pulls and business cards. This will also save the client a significant amount of money on printing costs, potential redesign and even more – simplicity is the key. This also increases the chances of creating a logo design that will last.
football for all How to Create a Timeless Logo Design for Your Client


If you want your design to last and to stand apart from the crowd, incorporate only one feature. When you have only one glance from the viewer, the more elements you have on your logo, the bigger the chances are that it will not be remembered.
twins m How to Create a Timeless Logo Design for Your Client
By taking in consideration these suggestions, you have a greater chance at creating an iconic design. Keep in mind though that you can always do more and rules are made to be broken.

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