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    Think Global Taste Local
  • TGTL - Think Global Taste Local is a food hunting company that aims to present the best gastronomic products from each country/region to the World. They create food experiences, having food specialist looking
    for outstanding products from small producers, surprising people with new fantastic flavors.

    NTGJ is the design agency that developed the concept. http://www.ntgj.org/

    The work was to draw three illustrations that represent three different European countries for a total of three cans of olive oil packed in one box. I did an illustration for a limited edition of one can of virgin olive oil.
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    I have represented Italy.
    Mário Belém - Portugal

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    In my presentation I've made two proposals for the oil can.
    The proposal that was chosen is the Carnival of Venice.

    This work is featured on The Dieline.

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