Unusual Typographic Text

Typography an outstanding and attractive bludgeon in designing. Now a days there is a wide use of typography in print media advertisements. Many designers have launched typography according to their own thinking and mentality. Here we have one of those designers “Vladimir Koncar” who gave a new concept to typography by using raw and unusual in such an attractive way. Have a look below“Compilation Of Unusual Typographic Text To Boost Your Design”Enjoy

Raw Meat Type

Clover Type

Beer Caps Type

Soil Type

Tea Bags Type

Cigarette Type

Green Leaves Type

Bush Type

Pills Type

Gummi Bear Type

Beans Type

Condom Type

Paper Clips Type

Toothpick Type

source: http://www.kitaro10.com/inspiration/compilation-of-unusual-typographic-text-to-boost-your-design/

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