Creating Facebook Timelines As Marketing Campaigns

by Jason Keath 
Sometimes doing something simple and creative for the firs time can become a big marketing win. Like Red Bull’s use of animated gifs on Google+.
Well, Facebook’s new timeline feature is indeed new and offers up a completely new platform where people to play.
A fictional character, Adam Barak, has been given a Facebook profile and timeline to help illustrate the dangers of drug abuse. The campaign is for the Israel Anti-Drug Authority and uses the split timeline  to show several before and after images of Adam, before drug addiction and after.
The images are quite compelling, including the close up cover that shows Adam with almost an entirely different face and several images showing his life falling apart juxtaposed next to what a happier time.
McCann Digital Isreal (@McCann_Israel) created the campaign. The man in the photo is actual Daniel Barak, a copywriter on the project.
The profile took about 3-4 straight days to put together (not including the 2 months it took to grow out Adam’s hair and beard) according to Daniel Barak. The project initially was more complicated including location checkins, videos and various Facebook features. After 5-6 tries they decided to go simpler. It became too difficult to get the split to work correctly with so many elements in the profile.
Do you think creative uses of the Facebook Timeline will continue to be used in the future?

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