Top Tips for Creatives
How to get your idea across effectively.
1. First things first. Is it a good idea?
a. Does it have impact?
b. Is it original?
c. Is it relevant?

2. Describe the idea.
a. Keep it succinct (if it takes more that 100 words to describe, it may be too complicated).
b. Explain why this great idea helps sell the product. This includes your identification of the key problem and your interpretation of the situation (this helps the client see where you're coming from).

3. Not everyone has a good visual imagination and they certainly don't have yours.
Make it easy for them to see your idea the way you do.
a. Set the scene.
b. Describe the location, time of day, weather, etc.
c. Describe the cast.
d. Explain the style of photography – colour, b/w, slo-mo, etc.
e. Include music, if appropriate.
f. Attach whatever stimulus will help achieve the above.

4. Remember, when the client first sees the idea, you won't be there to explain it. You only get one chance to make a first impression, so make it all as self-explanatory as possible.

5. Good luck.

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